Fitzgerald Chartered Accountant, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Why Choose a Chartered Accountant?


The Chartered Accountant designation is a promise of quality, and commitment to improving your business.

Today more than ever, you need someone you can rely on for sound business advice and to minimise business risk. The right advice from an impartial professional can be the difference between success and failure. That's why a Chartered Accountant is the logical choice if you want to negotiate a clear path through the labyrinth of the modern business world. Your Chartered Accountant is a multi-skilled business professional whose knowledge of best business practices can help you succeed.

Chartered Accountants in public practice have the skills, knowledge and experience to improve your business practices - and the profits of your business - in areas you might never have considered. Imagine the benefits you could receive from a thorough and efficient review of gross margins, or how your debtor turnover affects your cash flow, or how much it is really costing you to support your stock levels. Your Chartered Accountant can be your business partner for the long haul, continuously adding value to your business.

Chartered Accountants are Professionals

Chartered Accountants are members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants - New Zealand's own professional accounting body. They possess the experience and qualifications to meet the Institute's rigourous entry requirements, and they honour best business practice throughout their career. They are also bound by the Institute's Code of Ethics.

Employing a Chartered Accountant is your assurance that you are dealing with a highly qualified professional who is up-to-date on the latest business issues and is committed to ongoing professional education. Investing in the expertise of a Chartered Accountant will give your organisation added insight and direction for years to come.


Why Choose Us?

We strive to uphold the principles of the Institute and are reviewed by the Institute every three to five years to make sure that we are following their guidelines. We are constantly training to develop our skills to offer the most professional service that we can.

We believe our clients come to us and stick with us for the following reasons:

 - because we treat them well - take a personal interest in them, their lives, their goals, their needs, their families, as well as their business - they feel that they are not just another client to us;

- because we make them a priority when they need it (eg bank loan, sale of business);

- because we don't keep them waiting in reception;

- because we return phone calls and e-mails promptly;

- because we are "boring and conservative" in the words of one client (ie not aggressive in tax and general business advice), we are honest and act with  integrity

- because we tell it like it is, and we are honest and up-front with them;

- because we don't talk down to or patronise them, we treat them as equals;

- because we are technically competent, know what we are doing, and give good advice.

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